Step Seven: Sharing Your Story

from SoulZConnect

Since Jesus arose from the dead, testimonies have served as compelling witnesses, and over 500 people have encountered the risen Lord. We recognize the power of stories or testimonies and the value of sharing our experiences. We are naturally curious to learn from others and to find common ground on our spiritual journey.

Sharing our stories can connect us with others who have experienced God’s transformative love. In Christianity, testimonies of God’s grace can inspire and uplift, offering unique insights into our shared spiritual journey.


Reflect on the significance of sharing your story. Consider the following questions:

  • What parts of your faith journey do you find easy to share?
  • How comfortable are you talking about your faith in different settings?
  • How can your testimony serve as an encouragement to others?


Share your thoughts with your group or accountability partner. Discuss the impact of sharing your testimony and how it can inspire others.


  • Identify parts of your faith journey that can resonate with others.
  • Practice sharing your testimony in various settings, starting with friends and family.
  • Consider how your story can bring hope and encouragement to those who hear it.

Next, we will explore Step 8: Repairing and Building Relationships.

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