Step One: Seeking God

from Biblical Leaders Institute

We acknowledge that there may be a gap in our lives—a feeling that something is missing. At times, our lives can feel chaotic, prompting us to seek a sense of spiritual completeness. We possess “seeds of religion” in our souls, suggesting that life has more to offer than we currently experience or comprehend. We are encouraged to engage in conversations that delve into spiritual discussions about God, love, reality, and eternal life.

Christian Approach To Seeking God:

As we explore this gap and nurture the truth of Christianity planted within our souls, we turn to the teachings of the Bible. These teachings suggest a higher purpose beyond what we can currently perceive. The Bible tells us that God created us for a relationship with Him, both in the present and for eternity. We seek God.

This innate desire for a relationship with God influences all other relationships. Like any relationship, we seek to connect with the divine through communicating by talking (prayer) and listening (spiritual insights from the Bible and the Holy Spirit). We aim to maintain this connection regularly, allowing it to reflect in our other relationships.

We often discuss these primary connections we experience with God and others: our personal, marital, family connections, friendships, church community, kingdom connections, and our connection to the world. We promote these seven types of connections at the Christian Leaders Institute as a foundational framework for thinking about a walk with God.

Engaging in these connections, patterned with prayer (talking) and scriptural study (listening), leads to transformation, whether in specific areas of our lives or at the deepest, soulful center of our existence.

We embark on a guided SoulConnect journey, graciously inviting experienced leaders and mentors to help us. We seek wisdom from those further along this path, recognizing that as we deepen our walk with God, we are called to minister to others. In doing so, we aim to replicate this life-altering pattern for others to walk.


Take a moment to assess your current relationship with God.

  • How would you describe your current relationship with God?
  • What spiritual practices do you currently engage in to nurture your relationship with Him?
  • What obstacles or challenges do you face in seeking a closer and more meaningful relationship with God?
  • Do you attend any specific events or activities to develop your spiritual growth?


Share your reflections with a group or accountability partner. Discuss your experiences and insights related to seeking God in your daily life.


  • Take a moment each day to intentionally seek God through prayer, meditation, or reading His Word.
  • Consider creating a journal of your spiritual journey.
  • Consider reading one Bible passage at the dinner table daily with your spouse, a friend, or family.

Remember, this is just the beginning of our journey. Stay connected, and keep seeking God with all your heart. Look out for our following text as we delve deeper into Step 2: Acknowledging Your Brokenness.

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