Wisdom’s Wealth from Truth Seekers

Wisdom is like money. Its value compounds over time. If you regularly add wisdom to your life, you become wealthy in the ways of God. This is why it is imperative that you get wisdom above most everything else in your life. Wisdom is the ability to discern right from wrong and to understand what is true and lasting. It is your ally that will assist you in defeating the enemy. Satan is toothless in the presence of the wisdom of God. Do not attempt to defeat the devil with your own limited understanding. Rather, crush him with the weapon of wisdom. A life built on the foundation of wisdom can withstand the winds of change and the waves of adversity (Proverbs 28:26). Wisdom keeps you engaged with God’s perspective. It is a life preserver for the drowning, a compass for the lost explorer, and a light on a dark and perplexing situation. 

Wisdom is like gold, and gold is not always easy to find. There is a price to pay. There is a price to pay in the process of its discovery and in its acquisition (Proverbs 16:16). 

Gray hair does not guarantee wisdom, but examined experience does position you to obtain wisdom. It is possible to be an old fool or to be wise beyond your years. Young or aged, smart, or of average IQ, with either, you can gain wisdom. 

Wisdom begins and ends with the fear of God. The fear of God means you engage His teaching with your heart and mind (Proverbs 15:33). Wisdom precludes a passive relationship with God. Wisdom means you meditate on His ways and truths. You prayerfully and respectfully ask Him why, what, and how as it relates to His way of doing things. As followers of God, we have the mind of Christ. Through contemplation on His Word and understanding of His truth, wisdom will begin to reign in our everyday life. By God’s grace, wisdom will allow you to synthesize multiple options into the best course of action.

Wisdom can take a complex situation and offer simple solutions. Wisdom has the uncanny ability to cut through the layers of agendas and motives, and get to the real issues. Wisdom is a no-nonsense defender of common sense and truth. It is very practical. 

Wisdom originates from God and resides with Him. He has the trademark and the patent. Anyone who attempts to take credit for its effectiveness may risk losing the rights to use it. Humility tempered with wisdom leads to wise decision-making. Take time to listen and learn from wise people. This could save you heartache from a relational train wreck or the loss of money from a bad financial decision. Be wise; listen to both God and His wise mentors. 

You get wisdom to give wisdom, sharing wisdom’s wealth with those who steward it well. 

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