Wisdom From Humilityfrom Truth Seekers

Wisdom is packaged with humility. It is an intricate part of humility. Humility contains an enormous amount of valued content. Indeed, wisdom is one of its highly revered resources. If you want wisdom, you will appropriate humility into your heart. Humility delivers wisdom as a chauffeur delivers his client. Wisdom travels with humility. In some ways, wisdom takes a back seat to humility. The humble understand their need for the wisdom of God. Gone is the pretense of a self-appointed guru who thinks he already knows everything. Humility is crystal clear in its need for Christ’s thoughts to intersect its intelligence. Humility is smart enough to confess what it does not know. 

Too much of life is beyond the reach of human reason. There has to be more than man’s comprehension. We are not objective enough to figure out the best choice with our own limited understanding. We need the wisdom of God to wash our thinking and leave His righteous residue. Humility positions us to receive wisdom from God and others. It is a growth process. Even Jesus grew in wisdom (Luke 2:52).

Pride pushes you out of position to receive wisdom. It is like a first baseman in baseball lining up in left field. He is out of position once the ball is hit. No one is on first base to receive the ball. Without humility, you are out of position to receive wisdom. You may even desire wisdom, but without humility, you will be sorely lacking in heavenly instruction. God rarely imparts His wisdom to a proud person because He knows he cannot be trusted. Why entrust such valuable information to one who will squander it or spend it all on oneself? God knows the humble in heart will be a good steward of wisdom. Indeed, humility places in the heart a hunger for wisdom. It stirs up an appetite for wisdom’s morsels. 

Once you adjust your spiritual diet to consume wisdom, you will never go back to the junk food of worldly wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:20-30). The world’s wisdom is positioned in pride. It is a power struggle over who can be the shrewdest and the quickest to outsmart their opponent. Everything is competition to the proud. He foolishly jockeys for position through his own power. The humble, on the other hand, are patient to wait on God. There is a depth of diligence and determination that accompanies wisdom born out of humble trust in God. Disgrace is the traveling partner of pride. Pride may get you what you want, but only with a wake of disgrace in your rearview mirror. 

Better to be humble and follow the ways of wisdom. Wisdom allows you to rest well; wisdom gives grace; wisdom gets results with no regrets. So, humbly invite and welcome in the gracious wisdom of God.

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