Imagine an early morning in your hometown, and everyone wakes up to surprise visitors. A long motorcade of black limousines with a police escort turns the corner of the town square, moving slowly yet intentionally to their destination. No one knows who is behind the tinted, bullet-proof windows, but everyone holds their breath with anticipation, knowing this must be someone important. 

Suddenly, the fleet of cars stops in front of your house, and a few moments later, a man with a black suit rings your doorbell. You answer cautiously as the stranger announces, “The President is here to meet you.” 

What would you do? What would you say? 

In ancient times, kings and queens would require you to bow your head or kneel in their presence as a sign of respect and honor. The whole town would customarily greet traveling royalty with a rousing song or chant, often shouting the specific word “Hail!” which means to pay homage, to revere, or even to worship. 

How tragic was the ridicule from Roman soldiers who mocked Jesus on the cross by seething, “Hail, the King of Jews” (John 19:3). Jesus, the only one deserving of true reverence, awe, and worship, was “scorned by the ones He came to save.” 

Today’s passage explains how Jesus, while eternally worthy of all worship, proved it to us by emptying Himself of His privilege for our sake, enduring the punishment we deserved, and is now exalted above every name. One day, not only will every knee bow to Jesus, but every tongue will confess Him to be Lord of all, because His mercy goes on forever and ever! That is the mystery of Christ. What an honor and privilege it is to be in the presence of Jesus. 

As we close this devotional, imagine what you would do if King Jesus came into your room. Let’s continue seeking the mystery of His presence together… 


Written by Dwan Hill

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