When the word “confession” is mentioned, many of us recall childhood memories of admitting wrongs to our parents or the ritual of confessing to a priest in a booth. These traditional, transactional forms of confession often focus on listing our wrongs and seeking forgiveness to wipe the slate clean. But true confession is much more than summarizing our wrongs or sins – it acknowledges that God is so much greater than our sins or shortcomings. From that place of surrender, we can bring our dissonance to Him, knowing He is already aware of our pain. Contrary to what some believe, God is not afraid of our sins. He encourages us to come to Him boldly, knowing we will not be turned away. This invitation is a beautiful reminder of the mysterious and unconditional love and acceptance found in our heavenly Father. And what’s astounding about this invitation is that we don’t have to get our stuff right before we go to the Father. The only way we get our stuff right is by going to the Father. He knows we need him most when we’ve made a mess of things. 

Today, let us approach confession with a heart ready to surrender our sins and receive from the Father. His grace purifies our conscience and liberates us from dead works. And may you always remember this invitation is not singular or conditional. It is always there for us. 

Written by Addison Bevere

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