What Makes Barnabas a Hero? 

from You Version

When 45 records were a thing, the projected hit song was always on side A, while a less-hit-worthy song was on side B. But once in a while, side B ended up having the stronger song. And that’s not a bad way to think about the apostle Paul’s first ministry partner, a lesser-known leader named Barnabas. 

Barnabas had a knack for seeing the potential of emerging leaders, including Paul, and supporting them as they grew toward maturity and godly influence. He also helped to found and lead one of the most vitally essential churches in the first century – the church at Antioch. 

But what makes Barnabas a hero worth imitating is that he was an encourager. His name means “son of encouragement.” Were it not for Barnabas’ active encouragement; Paul may never have had the impact on the early church that he did! 


Who in your circle of influence do you see as having potential that you can actively encourage? And what might that encouragement look like?

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