What Makes Mordecai a Hero?

from You Version

There was a period in which Persia took over Israel and was ruled by the Persian King Xerxes. During this time, a prominent politician in that regime named Haman did not like the Jews and worked on a policy statement to kill the Jews in large numbers, a genocide.

Mordecai was secretly a Jew who worked closely with the palace and overheard this plan one day. Instead of keeping it to himself, he sought out his cousin Esther – who was also a Jew and in the king’s court as one of the many wives of Xerxes. He relayed the plan to Esther and helped her plan a few steps to take to thwart Haman’s plans.

Mordecai’s intervention resulted in a law that protected the Jews. Mordecai’s boldness and courage saved not only his life but the nation’s life.


Mordecai knew that speaking up in any form would put a bullseye on himself, but he did the right thing regardless of the cost. Ask God to give you opportunities to show and have courage in the face of adversity in your life.

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