What Makes Josiah a Hero?

from You Version

Josiah was only eight years old when he began one of the longest reigns as king of Judah. The Bible says he did what was right in the Lord’s eyes and, because of that, had a long and righteous reign.

Josiah is so remarkable that one night, after being unable to sleep, he starts reading in the royal library and comes upon the book of the Law (what we know as essentially the Old Testament). As he read it, Josiah became aware that the nation had forgotten God and ignored the scriptures.

What is incredibly heroic is that Josiah first knelt in prayer and pleaded to God to spare the Jews despite how they had ignored the one true God. Josiah then read the book of the Law to the people and made a covenant to God that His people would again draw close to God and observe everything written in the book of the Law.


Good leaders know when to humble themselves in front of God and inspire others to follow the Lord. Josiah reminds us that no one is above God, and it’s essential to continue to look to the Bible and him for guidance.

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