What Makes Nathan a Hero?

from You Version

History is filled with “yes men” who only tell people what they want to hear. Especially around kings, most people only showed approval to those in power.

Nathan was a prophet and a friend of King David. Nathan spoke up when King David ended up sleeping with someone else’s wife and then having that woman’s husband killed. He visits David and tells a creative story of a rich man who took advantage of a poor man. When David exclaims that the rich man should be killed for what he did, Nathan responds with, “you are that man.”

Nathan balances grace and truth as he starts softly with a story to make sure David understands the depth of his sin. He then delivers a stinging rebuke from God.

Delivering this punishment to an ancient ruler would mean certain death for the messenger. However, Nathan bravely says what is right with grace and truth.


Remember that in any confrontational conversation, we should bravely speak what God has given us to say, but make sure that it is delivered with grace and truth.

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