What Makes Uriah a Hero?

From You Version

King David is famous for many things, including doing wrong. One of David’s most famous sins involves deciding to sleep with another man’s wife. Uriah is that ‘other man.’

While Uriah was away on duty in the army, David slept with his wife, Bathsheba. Uriah comes home but refuses to sleep with his wife. He answers, “how can I enjoy my wife when my fellow soldiers are on the front lines.” This is a classic case of speaking truth to power. This is what David should have thought when considering sleeping with Bathsheba.

Uriah gets killed, but his bravery of standing up to power and not playing along with the lie is instructive. Because of Uriah, we have the story of the destructive power of sin. Instead of ‘letting it go,’ Uriah stood up for what was right, even if it cost him his life.


We need to remember that doing the right thing is always right – even if there is a cost.

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