What Makes Rahab a Hero?

from You Version
Joshua 2

Rahab was an innkeeper with an “Airbnb” inside the castle walls of Jericho. When the Israelites were scouting the land there, they sent spies into the town to see what it was like.

When the people of Jericho saw strange men staying at Rahab’s inn, they came knocking on the door, and Rahab told the spies to run up on the roof while she dealt with the investigators. Rahab was a champ in how she dealt with the men wanting to have a look around. The investigators left without finding the Israelite spies, and she saved their lives.

Perhaps the most telling part was that Rahab had heard about how the God of Israel parted the Red Sea. She was impressed by the strength of the Lord and asked that the spies make sure that she and her family were safe when they did come and invade Jericho. She placed a red piece of rope from her window to indicate that no one should touch the people in that room.

Rahab knew that God was sovereign and aligned herself with the goodness of God.


We, too, can align ourselves with the sovereignty of God in everything we do. Even if it means that we endure difficulty in the meantime, Rahab would eventually find herself in the lineage of Jesus – a woman who saw God above the circumstances of life.

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