What Makes Jethro a Hero?

from You Version

Moses spent his early life as an adopted son of Pharaoh. After killing a man, Moses retreated to the desert. He joined a community there and married a woman named Zipporah, whose father was named Jethro.

When God called Moses to return to Pharaoh and lead His people to freedom, there were times when the burden seemed too much. Even with Aaron helping him lead, Moses went through times of self-doubt and overwork.

Moses’ father-in-law Jethro was an influential voice of wisdom in his life. Jethro observes that Moses is trying to lead this young nation on its way to the Promised Land, but he is doing too much. Jethro suggests raising others to share the responsibility of leading the nation. He spoke up when he saw something wrong and helped implement a model of leadership built on health, not power


Is there someone in your life who has modeled Jethro’s leadership traits and wisdom? What can you take from Jethro to improve your influence on others in your circle?

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