Study of 2 Corinthians 
from You Version

2 Cor.12.1-21

What does it say? 

God allowed Paul’s thorn in the flesh to keep him humble. 

What does it mean? 

No one really knows what Paul’s thorn in the flesh was; we just know that he pleaded with God three times to take it away. No doubt, Paul felt he could serve the Lord more fully without this hindrance. It’s important to note that God did answer Paul’s prayer – the answer was “No.” Two life-transforming truths appear in verses 7-10. First, God’s grace and comfort are sufficient in suffering. Next, God’s strength is complete in human weakness. Paul would experience God’s supernatural strength and comfort, keeping him completely dependent on Christ. 

How should I respond? 

We can each identify with Paul because his “thorn” isn’t named. What has God allowed in your life that keeps you humble? God doesn’t expect you to be great; He expects you to depend on him greatly. In what area are you relying on your own strength? When you admit weakness, you can be strong and rest completely in Christ’s strength. Aspects of God’s character revealed during difficulty and suffering can be learned no other way. You might not be up to the task before you, but Jesus is!

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