Study of 2 Corinthians 
from You Version

2 Cor.7.1-16

What does it say? 

Paul, contrasting godly repentance with worldly sorrow, urged the Corinthians to seek God’s holiness. 

What does it mean? 

Paul’s previous letter to the Corinthian church had been sternly worded regarding sin in their congregation. He was relieved to hear that they had taken the letter to heart and truly repented. Worldly sorrow is simply feeling regret, but godly repentance is true sorrow over sin and results in a change of mind, heart, and action. Sorrowing over sin is essential to salvation, but repentance is also necessary for disobedient believers to restore intimacy with God. 

How should I respond? 

God uses various means to point out sin in our lives. You may feel conviction while reading Scripture, listening to preaching or teaching at church, or seeing the same sin repeated in your children. How do you react when God reveals sin in your life? Do you become defensive, regretful, or truly sorry for disobedience to God? Stop right now and ask God to reveal any attitude or behavior from which you need to repent. Agree with God that a change is needed and follow through.

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