Study of 2 Corinthians 
from You Version

2 Cor. 6.1-18

What does it say? 

Paul endured many hardships as a servant of God. He warned the Corinthians not to partner with unbelievers. 

What does it mean? 

Paul gave the Corinthians a familiar picture of two animals yoked together to work a field. A farmer would never yoke an ox and a donkey together; they have different instincts and natures and wouldn’t work together to plow his field. Likewise, Christians are to be separated for God but not completely isolated. Christians are Christ’s ambassadors to an unbelieving world. The Corinthians had gone to the opposite extreme, allowing intimate relationships with non-believers to influence them. Divided loyalty made it difficult for the Corinthian church to fulfill God’s mission. 

How should I respond? 

Who is your best friend? What influence has that person had over decisions you’ve made this week? There’s a difference between casual friends and your inner circle. Every Christian should have non-Christian acquaintances. You can’t influence people you refuse to associate with, but those you confide in have influence over you. What friendship is hindering your spiritual life? Has a business partnership or dating relationship caused you to compromise your beliefs or behavior? Ask God for discernment in your relationships and commit to separating yourself for His purpose.

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