But First

from You Version

Surely you’ve seen those shirts that say, “But first, coffee.” Building habits that set us up well for the rest of our day is wise. Drinking coffee is a pretty universal way to receive energy to face the tasks ahead of us. 

Whether you are a coffee drinker or not, do the things you start your day with include seeking the kingdom of Jesus? How do you make space for fellowship with Christ within your schedule? Is it an afterthought or a priority? Fellowship with Christ is a pleasure, as is coffee for many people. Make time, especially before jumping into something big for the day, to spend time with Jesus. Take a Jesus break in the afternoon. As you spend time with him, the pleasure of doing so will only grow. The little things add up, so don’t overlook what even a few minutes of focusing on his presence can do for you! 

Act of Courage: Be intentional about spending time in the presence of the Lord today, even if it is a few minutes here and there!

This plan contains devotions from 365 Days of Courage: A Daily Devotional.

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