Compassionate Care

from You ZVersion

Jesus used the parable of a lost lamb to illustrate how he acts as the Good Shepherd to bring back each little lost lamb. As children of God, we are under his watch and his care. He does not feel we are burdens when we wander, even if we perceive ourselves (or others) that way. He is led by love in all he does, rejoicing over our restoration. 

May we be filled and led by the same kind of compassionate care as our wonderful Savior. The Father doesn’t desire for any of his children to be lost, so let’s partner with his purposes and care for the vulnerable among us who are struggling, disoriented, and wandering. Instead of reacting to others in judgment, let’s let mercy open our hearts in understanding. What a wonderful world it would be if we would all follow the example of Christ! 

Act of Courage: Choose to help someone today without any ulterior motives.

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