Let Love Lead

From You Version

Jesus’ teachings are not suggestions. They are the very heart of God. We cannot claim to know God yet refuse to walk in love. It is a contradiction in terms. God is love. Full stop; no exceptions. He is the source of love. He leaves no excuse for us to cling to in withholding love from others. Let’s remember that love is kind though it is not always easy to choose. It is not fluffy or disingenuous. It is not a superficial niceness. It is a merciful motivation that drives us to choose to err on the side of justice, side with the vulnerable instead of the powerful, and act out of compassion rather than self-protection. 

May we grow in love, removing the barriers that systems, people, and even ourselves have put upon it. The love of God is limitless, so let’s expand our own! 

Act of Courage: Choose to act with love today when you would rather dismiss another who your grace would bless.

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