Being an Ambassador

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A representative is someone who speaks on behalf of another person—an employee representing the company he or she works for, a member of a family acting as a representative of the entire family, or an ambassador representing a nation.

How that representative behaves, acts, and speaks gives either a positive or negative impression of whom they represent. If you have ever encountered poor customer service from a company, you know how damaging a less-than-excellent representative can be. Your assumption can easily be the whole company doesn’t care about or value its customers.

You and I, as followers of Jesus Christ, are His representatives and ambassadors to the world. What we say and how we act reflects who Jesus is. Have you ever had an individual say to you, “All Christians are hypocrites!”? That statement is probably made because of an encounter they had with a Christian who was a negative representative of Jesus.

Great responsibility comes with being a follower of Jesus Christ. Once people know we are Christians, they start to evaluate our lives to see if we truly believe what we say we believe. Part of our new identity in Christ is expressed as we represent Jesus to the world through our words and actions. How well are you representing Jesus to the people you encounter on a regular basis? Would those around you want to know more about Christ as a result of your life? Live as Christ’s ambassador today.

As you engage with God’s word:

● What is God saying to you?

● What does it mean to you?

● What action step do you need to take?

After you reflect on these questions, bring everything to God in prayer. Also, if you’re looking for more faith-building resources like this, I want to personally invite you to sign up for my weekly devotional email today!

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