Mountains block your view

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from?” (Psalm 121:1, NIV) 

Standing at the foot of a mountain, you cannot see what lies beyond it. You may know it because you have looked at a map or have been on the other side of the mountain before. But your view is now blocked by the massive elevated area of the Earth’s surface rising in front of you. 

It can be the same way spiritually. As a Christian, you know that God is love, that He is all-powerful, and that He cares for His children. That is important basic knowledge. But sometimes, when you are in the midst of a spiritual battle or when you are overwhelmed by problems you cannot oversee, you lose sight of those familiar truths. Then you “lift up your eyes” and see only those mountains. 

In such a situation it is good to just speak out what you are experiencing. “I am surrounded by mountains and there’s no way out!”. Of course, we should not stay at this point. Eventually, we must find an answer to our problems, and the “mountain” must be conquered. But this process takes time. Even if theoretically you already know some answers, you cannot yet “see” it immediately. 

Suppose a friend tells you that he sees mountains everywhere and seeks help. How can you respond in a helpful way?

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