The Storm of Loneliness and the Lighthouse of Communion

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He relates. 

That’s what we must know. He relates. 

With thirty years in human form spent in the hiddenness of His true identity, Jesus relates. Imagine feeling so altogether different, humbled from your former glory, rejected by your closest friends, and then brought to the point of death by those you came to save. Even now, Christ is rejected at large by His Jewish brethren and seen as a mere heretic and chronic blasphemer. Can you imagine? 

He does relate, and loneliness can feel like a daunting place to lay your head. But time and time again, Jesus leaned on His relationship with the Father. A lighthouse provided in the storm of loneliness is the beautiful gift of communion. It’s one of the most epic testimonies of Christ’s ascension; that He sent the promised Holy Spirit to graft us into the abiding vine. No longer are we left without a partner and friend who is ever-present. He dwells within, and is the greatest comfort for our souls in moments when we feel no one relates or understands our true heart, logic, or motive. He knows. He is a friend like no other. 


If you were trying to counsel a friend who is struggling with loneliness, what would you share with them to bring encouragement?

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