The Storm of Fear and the Lighthouse of Faith

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Is it not a whirlwind? Is it not the very thing that makes the hairs rise on your arms, your heart beat in haste, and your awareness heighten? It’s fear. It’s not always a horror-flick drama, but it can stain our minds by way of fears of the unknown, poverty, criticism, and even failure. 

It’s the storm that seized Peter’s mind moments after he flattened the soles of his feet to the sea. How easy it is to get distracted by the wind and waves in our lives rather than focus on the voice who calms the storm. 

Now, I don’t mean to be overly poetic. We all know it’s incredibly difficult to muster up faith during the most trying moments of our lives. But, perhaps I’m here to share with you that no mustering needs to take place: only a gaze. 

I imagine Peter locking into Jesus’ eyes through the misty wind. I imagine him bolstering with confidence when the Son of God said, “Come!” – even if the courage was momentary. We mustn’t forget that two people in the Bible have walked on water; one of whom was Peter. That bold movement of his leg over the edge of the boat happened because of a gaze at Jesus, agreement through obedience to His command, and a continued gaze at Him. 

Peter can attest that Christ is the author and finisher of our faith. May we have assurance through this confidence that can only be found in Christ. And yes, Christ’s resurrection proves Him confident. 


365. That is the number of times that the words ‘fear not’ make their appearance in the Bible. For every day of our year, He exhorts us to look up. On this day and by His Spirit, listen in for these words. What is one practical way for you to ‘fear not’ today?

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