Finding Hope in Difficult Times Day 5
by the reThink Group

2 Cor. 4.8-9

Have you ever felt hopeless, helpless, or abandoned? If you are anything like me, you have felt all of these emotions, maybe even multiple times in the same week. In fact, I have been in a very difficult time in my life where I felt so low, so lost, so desperate for anything to help me. Maybe, like me, you’ve felt like there is nowhere else to go, and you’re left feeling stuck. I have found that in those sad, difficult times, I am not completely broken, not completely abandoned, and not completely in despair because of the truth that God is always there. God is with us, holding us, and keeping us together no matter what we are facing. When we feel like there is no way out, God is there and will never let us fall. God is with us forever, and with God, there is help and hope no matter what we are going through.

So today, take two minutes and thank God for being with you in times that feel difficult, painful, or hopeless. Ask God to remind you of the help and hope you have no matter what you’re facing right now.

Written by Quintin, age 16, from Bowling Green, Indiana, USA

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