Let’s Talk About Finding Hope in Difficult Times
by the reThink Group
1 John 4.4

Think back to the biggest battle you’ve seen in a movie, TV show, or book. It was probably long, exhausting, and scary. Sometimes, the battles we fight in our own lives feel the same way! Fighting through a difficult circumstance, negative feeling, or hard day can feel like the biggest battle of our lives. And at times, it’s hard to see beyond what we’re feeling, thinking, or experiencing in the middle of it. But, because of God, all our battles have already been won. When we follow Jesus, the victory is already ours. We have access to God, who is bigger and greater than any enemy, feeling, circumstance, or battle. And that’s something to hold on to in the fight!

Is there a battle you’re fighting in your life right now? Pray that God will help you see the victory in that fight this week.

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