Which Direction?
By Charles Stanley

The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Psalm 37:23 nlt

Why won’t God show me what to do? you may wonder. And perhaps it doesn’t feel like He is giving you direction today. But take heart—the Father is actively working in your situation and guiding you even when you don’t perceive Him.

Friend, God hears you. He understands the cries of your heart and the confusion you feel when you don’t know what direction to take. And it would be completely out of character for Him to hide His plans for you when you seek Him (Jeremiah 29:11–13).

The truth is, the Father would move heaven and earth to show you His will and help you walk in it. Yet the Lord also understands what it will take to teach you genuine, abiding faith; so He is careful not to reveal all to you at once.

Therefore, rest assured that even at this moment the Father is teaching you to trust Him. And He will give you just enough light on the path to walk with Him one step at a time.

Lord, I trust You. This is difficult, but I will walk in faith—step by step—and believe You are fully trustworthy, amen.

In His presence… receive trustworthy guidance.

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