I Am God’s Child

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The child of God works not for life, but from life; he does not work to be saved but because he is saved. — Charles Spurgeon

Every human being who has lived has a biological mother and father. Whether we have met them or not, we have them. We are their offspring. Some of us have parents that chose us, and we became their children through adoption. 

Remembering your upbringing as a child might evoke great memories and cherished traditions. For some people, your experiences conjure up negative thoughts. Maybe your relationship with your earthly parents has positively enforced your view of God, or maybe it tainted how you see God’s love for you. 

Regardless of your past viewpoint of your family, your Heavenly Father longs to fill your life with love and peace. John 1:12 says that if we receive Jesus and believe in His name, we get the right to become children of God. So, we’ve all been adopted! We are God’s kids and nothing can change that. His love for us and commitment to us is steadfast even if we sin catastrophically. Because of Jesus, God’s vast love covers us every single day. 

So, whenever we face situations where we feel utterly defeated, we must remember that we are chosen, children of God. Whenever we feel like no one loves us and feel completely alone, we must remember that we are chosen, children of God. Whenever we feel neglected and overlooked, we must remember that we are chosen, children of God. The Creator of the universe, the Great I Am, the Almighty God chose you. You are a child of God!


  • In your own words, write down what “I am God’s child” means to you. 
  • Repeat “I am God’s child” throughout your day — set a timer and say it every hour so that it will be deeply rooted in you or write it on a card and place it where you can see it often.
  • Think of a situation you have faced or will face where you can apply this truth.

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