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Being consumed by what people think of you is the fastest way to forget what God thinks of you. — Craig Groeschel

Who are you? 

When someone asks us that question, the first thing we typically mention is one of the duties or roles we perform daily. I’m a doctor. I’m a stay-at-home mom. I’m a firefighter. I’m a writer. But, that’s actually not who we are; that’s what we do.

It’s understandable that our response is to tell someone what we do. It’s as natural as breathing because what we do, well, it’s what we do every day. Whether we like what we do or not, it can’t be what defines us. If it is, our identity will be misplaced because our jobs and roles will change throughout our lives. And with a misplaced identity, we live a life with little contentment and one always striving for acceptance.

As Christ followers, our identity comes from who God says we are, not who others say we are. Yet, every day we believe things about ourselves that are untrue. These untruths don’t line up with the Truth about us according to the Bible. Not only is it easy to assume our identities from what we do—often, we’re labeled by those around us:








Those words, those people, and those descriptions are not who we are. If you’ve never understood your true identity as a Christian, this Bible Plan will help you begin this lifelong pursuit of knowing your real self.  God calls you:

His Child

Forgiven One

His Masterpiece

New in Christ

More Than a Conqueror

Safe From the Evil One

Citizen of Heaven

Over the next nine days of this Plan, we’ll learn more about who we are in Christ. Knowing who we are as Christ followers is essential in our walk with Jesus. When we know who we are, we’ll know what to do. 


  • What roles or labels have been given to you that you love? (i.e., father, teacher, friend, beautiful, athletic.)
  • Is there a negative label or role that has followed you most of your life? Who gave it to you—others or self?

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