The Names of God

Tony Evans
Heb 4.16
Eph 2.4-5

Life doesn’t always guarantee us second chances. There are times when our poor decisions—harsh words spoken to a friend, mistakes made on the job, life choices that aren’t healthy—cost us. We lose the friendship. We’re dismissed from our job. Our health suffers. Even if we have a change of heart, there’s no assurance that everything will be okay.

God’s mercy, though, gives us second chance after second chance. Elohe Chaseddi—God of mercy— showers us with forgiveness and bathes us with lovingkindness. He is always truthful. Always merciful. Always compassionate. If we love Him and ask Him for His forgiveness, He grants it. Always.

Because He is a God of mercy, we can live unafraid. We always have access to the peace of mind and heart that He so freely gives in abundance. He promises to always be with us and to bring us through every troubling situation and every difficult season. Even when the mistakes are of our own doing, He is forever willing to offer forgiveness to a repentant heart.

Instead of worrying about yesterday, God wants us to focus on today. How can we serve Him today? What plans does He have for us to accomplish today? How can we share Him with others today? That’s the beauty of mercy—second chances, looking ahead, with a focus on the future He has for us.

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