Live to honor and glorify God
By Rev. Patrick Feldhus 

Galatians 5.25

There is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde struggle in all of us. No matter how much Dr. Jekyll tried to do good, his alter ego, Mr. Hyde, would make a mess of things. Dr. Jekyll knew what path he wanted to take in his life, and Mr. Hyde derailed his course time after time. How frustrating it was for him in this struggle. 

Each of us has been set free from the overlord of our sinful nature by Christ’s sacrifice. We were dead in our sins, but Christ made us alive through the Holy Spirit. We are no longer slaves to sin but free to walk in righteousness. 

This sounds good, but what is the reality? No matter how hard we try to walk in step with the Spirit, we continue to sin. Now can you begin to see the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde struggle? 

Before you throw up your hands in exasperation, remember what it means to walk in line with the Spirit. We live by the Holy Spirit, who constantly brings us back to Jesus and His sacrifice. The Holy Spirit continues to cover us in the righteous robes of Jesus, which He earned for us and gave us in our baptism. 

Our entry into heaven does not depend on how well we walk in step with the Spirit but on Christ and Him alone. This is what frees us to throw off the guilt and shame of our failures. We have already won in Christ. This is what living by the Spirit means in our daily walk-in life. This is the confidence we have as we walk in line with the Spirit. There is no more Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde struggle. You live by the Spirit, and you will walk in step with the Spirit. 

Prayer: Dear Holy Spirit, keep me connected to my Savior every day so I can confidently live my life to honor and glorify Him as I walk in step with you. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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