The former account I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach.  Acts 1:1

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The Christmas story is not over. Luke continues in his gospel to detail all that Jesus began to do and teach. His miracles, teaching, compassion, wisdom, and authority are displayed in these remaining words. 

Yet, there is more. The physician records a second book after the Lord’s death and resurrection. The Book of Acts rehearses how the early church, in the power of the Holy Spirit, carried on all of Jesus’ ministry. Every aspect of it.  Now, the mantle of the first disciples falls upon each of us.  

What?! Me?! Yes, you and me. Above our paygrade? Yes, for certain. For we are broken, misshapen, and ever-so-desperate individuals. Except it is not up to us to get the job done. The Holy Spirit empowerment of the early church is now our inheritance, too (Luke 11:13, Acts 3:6, 1 Corinthians 1:30). All the Lord needs from us is our surrendered yes. 

The Christmas story never stops giving. It gives, and gives, and gives, and never relents from its pursuit of the human heart, all because of our God’s inexhaustible love. Nothing is impossible for Him, and in Him, the Holy Spirit desires to work the impossible through us.

Jesus began it all. Now it’s simply our turn. It is our time to live by doing the next right thing like Zach and Elizabeth. It is our time to be willing, though frail vessels, for the life of Jesus to be formed in us like Mary. It is time to look only upwards for direction as we learn from the Christmas Star and keep our steadfast focus on the Lord’s call for our journey.

It is time for us to do and teach the whole ministry of the whole gospel of the Lord Jesus to reach a lost, dying, and weary world. A world that needs His touch – through us. Let’s unwrap the gift of Christmas that never stops bringing His life and healing and give it – give Him – away to everyone we meet.

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