Today’s meditation is from Bethany Church (Singapore)

The Wall of Loneliness 

Scripture – Revelation 3:14-22 (Focus on verse 20)

Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Motte-Guyon (known as Madame Guyon, 18 April 1648 – 9 June 1717) was a 17th century French mystic. She believed that one could enjoy God’s presence directly through fervent, reflective, and constant prayer. Because her views were considered heretical by the church authorities at the time, she was imprisoned in the Bastille in Paris. However, she had an extraordinary demeanor. She believed that she was there by the will of God. The fact that God was with her helped her to survive in her miserable condition. 

In her testimony, she said that the moments of communicating with God had driven her loneliness away. Madame Guyon chose to accept everything that happened to her as a gift from God. She learned not to fight her adversity but to live with it, confident that because God had allowed it, He would give her enough strength to endure it. Her soul was not shackled even though she was blocked by the prison walls. Her soul flew high like an eagle. 

Do you feel isolated and lonely? Do you feel that no one cares about you? Do you feel rejected because no one wants to understand you? The verse above states that Jesus is standing at the door. He is knocking on the door of your heart. If you let Him in, He will live with you. Loneliness will no longer be a frightening fact. You can develop a close relationship with Him. You can pour out all your complaints to Him. When you make Him your friend, you can fly like an eagle across the walls of loneliness. 


1.Do you feel lonely even though you have followed the Lord Jesus? 

2.Do you have a close and ongoing relationship with God? 

Practice: Build a healthy relationship with Lord Jesus. You can do this by diligently praying and reading the Bible, being faithful to church, and being willing to do what you have learned and known as a form of ministry to the Lord

Loving Father, I know that my heart is not as fervently in love with you as it should be—thank You for Your grace and long-suffering patience with me. I confess I have quenched the Spirit in my life with my indifferent attitude and I want to change and live in submission to You… come into my heart today Lord Jesus and fellowship with me – for in You is the fullness of joy, I pray in Jesus name, AMEN.

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